Liquor/Zero new visuals Cbreezy

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Zero F*#ks giving in Breezy double visuals

Chris Brown gives us back to back visuals by combining Liquor & Zero into one trippy vid. Kicking it off with Liquor CB is drugged by a hot girl which brings him into some sort of neon infused high with him looking like a creeper staking a girl through the neon lights. After a little sober cab ride home he finds his S#!t being thrown out by his GF which in turn Breezy walks off starting the second half of his little adventure. We find him cruising the streets only to end up at a dingy laundry mat. Now what a janky laundry facility has to do with a break up? No clue but he sure as hell makes use of those washer by dancing on em, you know because apparently that’s what their for, Thanks for clearing that little mix up Chris. So sit back have a drink & set that dryer to tumble as you watch “Liquor & Zero”

Chris Brown

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