New Music Scoop DeVille Tartaro 2.0

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Scoop DeVille back with Buscabulla – Tartaro 2.0

Late night summer vibes with Scoop DeVille as he jumps on “Tartaro 2.0″. The original track being that of New York based group “Buscabulla”. The track has a fusion rhythmic trance ¬†which keeps it fun & with Scoop adding his touch makes it on my summer playlist. Scoop of course gave some insight to his next moves & the idea behind “Tartaro 2.0″

“I took my time to project creations that define me as a real musician and artist.
I’m still a fan at heart so I enjoy introducing sound to the people and showing a world of color through my taste in music. As of now I’m going to be releasing pieces with my lyrics, some original and others for fun, as well as other Artist’s that I’ve been collaborating with behind the scenes for their projects and for mine. “

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