Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Brad Pitt's Cousin"

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis live it up in “Brad Pitt’s Cousin”

One thing I love about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is that they know how to have fun. No fu#ck’s givin’, they can make the biggest idiot’s out of them selves with ridiculous music vid’s but some how having you wanting more. Coming out smiling & glad you spent the 3 minutes watching the craziness. Dropping their visuals on Face Book, “Brad Pitt’s Cousin” takes a kinda personal trip with Macklemore on their European tour, from acting a fool in a Panda suit to hanging out with fans in Germany. “Brand’s Pitt’s Cousin” is off of the duo’s album “This Unruly Mess I’ve ┬áMade” which dropped earlier this year.




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