Lil Uzi Drops "The Way Life Goes" (Remix) Visuals

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Lil Uzi is Murdered for “The Way Life Goes” visuals Ft. Nicki Minaj

The song has been done for some time now & we are finally getting the visuals to Lil Uzi’s “The Way Life Goes” remix featuring Nicki Minaj. The flick kicks it off with Lil Uzi tied to a tree somewhere in the woods. Not to far away is a vicious dog keeping Uzi from escaping & Nicki Minaj in a cabin with a very large knife. In the end he is suffocated by a mysterious women dress all in black, then buried in grave dug especially for him.

On a lighter note Lil Uzi of course is nominated for “Best New Artist” at next years Grammy’s. He’s up against Alessia Cara, Khalid, Sza, Julia Michaels. Check out the visuals & catch the Grammy’s January 28th.


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