New Visuals Eric Bellinger "Be The Change"

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Eric Bellinger Inspires Change With New Visuals

The past couple of weeks in the county have been highlighted by news stories of violence, protest & counter protest. With racism being at the center of the anger, many like R&B artist Eric Bellinger express their views for positive change through music. Standing on the sidewalks of L.A., Bellinger sings to the city “Be the Change” which is a tribute to the late Nelson Mandela. In a statement released to his fans, Eric reveals the inspiration behind the song & what it’s meant to be.

“I felt I needed to share something given everything that has been going on in Charlottesville, Nelson Mandela’s words are more relevant now than ever… Be the change!”

Greatness all around. Check out Eric Bellinger’s new visuals & embrace the message.



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