Elijah Blake Hanging Tree Visuals

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Elijah Blake Expresses Racial Inequality in Hanging Tree Visuals

Elijah Blake hits it home for many on “Hanging Tree”. Speaking to centuries of inequality & expressing them into a visual that truly is moving. The song is a collaboration between Elijah & Harry Belafonte’s  Sankofa Organization. While speaking to Billboard he gave the back story to song saying :

“I recorded this song shortly after the release of my album Shadows and Diamonds. It was kind of surreal to just go in the booth to basically vent and freestyle all my feelings and thoughts in regards to black rights, equal rights, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice and countless others.”

“Hanging Tree” will also be part of Elijah’s new project that will debut in July. In the mean time check out the moving visual & reflect.



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