Sober Music Video

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Childish Gambino’s Sober Music Video

Childish Gambino has sure been acting a little odd lately hasn’t he? 1st by deleting all his tweets & IG post, then he shares a link via twitter then deletes it right after. Well the clock finally ran down on that mysterious post that the Childish Gambino posted a few days back and surprise,surprise the MC dropped the Visuals for “Sober”. Now take into mind the tracks title, then watch the vid. Theres like zero soberness involved in the way he try’s to get the girl. Kinda of a creeper in this one. Then again his vids area always little edgy. Remember 3005 and teddy bear incident? Anyways Check out “Sober” off of Childish Gambino’sĀ Kauai EP.



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