New Project Elijah Blake Blueberry Vapors

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Elijah Blake Blueberry Vapors New Project

Nothings better than free 99 but when it’s something great & it’s free, it’s even that much more of a win. Take Elijah Blake’s “Blueberry Vapors”, linking with Young California’s DJ Carisma & Yesi Ortiz for this 10 track project, Elijah lays out the mindset on building this mix-tape.

This Project was done over the span of two weeks at No Id’s studio on sunset. Me and Djemba Djemba were just brainstorming on what music would be like if it went back to pure honesty & feeling.. Not overthinking about the “radio record”, the current tempo of other singles, etc. So we did.. The coolest thing was watching these creatives who were all respected in their own right leave the ego at the door and collaborate freely in the name of music. They say some of us see music in color so when all was said and done, Blueberry Vapors was the most appropriate title for the mood, tone, color, and texture I feel this project conveys.
“Blueberry Vapors” is of course a free project so don’t be afraid to click that download button & CLICK HERE to check out Elijah’s “Shadow & Diamonds” album if you happen to miss out on that.


Elijah Blake – Blueberry Vapors (Hosted By DJ Carisma & Yesi Ortiz)

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