YG's New Vid Do it to ya

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YG Brings Back the 90’s in new visuals for Do it to ya

No this is not a tbt or Flash back friday vid, it’s YG’s new visuals for “Do it to ya” featuring Teeflii. The flick adds a vintage filter over the vid as if it where actually shot for a VHS tape. VHS btw was the Blue Rays of the 90’s, just in case you forgot. But anyways YG kicks off the vid by throwing an amazing backyard style BBQ with plenty of Pool & hot women to go along with it. During all the fun YG takes interest in this one particular girl whose BFF is Rooster blocking YG at every turn. Not Cool…. But don’t worry she get’s her’s. “Do it to Ya” is of YG’s “My Krazy Life” album which dropped back in March selling more thanĀ 61,000 copies in his first week.

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