Wale Speaks on "Shine"

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Wale Speaks on Fatherhood & The Impact it had on “Shine”

During an interview with Billboard, Wale opened up about his recent album “Shine”. Being a new father, the 32-year old rapper was asked if his daughter, Zyla had any influence on the album & what is the most meaningful thing he has learned about fatherhood. Wale responded by saying:

Moreso than anything. I’m just determined to stay in the studio and work even more, and not get sidetracked. Having her just makes me feel like I gotta go harder, and like I said, I’m on a mission right now. I’m on a mission to do what I gotta do for my career.  Continuing on with what he has learned

Just patience. You gotta have patience with babies. No matter what, it’s difficult, but you gotta do it. 

Wale’s “Shine” is out now you can stream the whole project below.


Image via Youtube.com/Wale


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