"Dear Mama" Lyric Sheet Up For Sell

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Tupac’s “Dear Mama” Hand Written Lyric Sheet Up For Sell

You don’t have to be a hip hop fan to appreciate music, just someone who recognizes when a song is bigger than an artist and speaks for everyone. For true fans of the late great Tupac Shakur, no grater item would be than that of hand written lyrics by the man himself.

Up for auction are hand written lyrics sheets to one of Pac’s biggest song’s “Dear Mama”. According to TMZ.com the Auctioneer received the 3 page sheets from a private collector in Poland. On the sheets are scribbled side notes with the names “Yo-Yo” & “Ice Cube” while on another sheet a message saying “Some “muthafuckerz” say that I have been raped in jail/ They want me dead for how I succeeded in rap game.”

Dear Mama was a song that  Tupac wrote about his mother Afeni Shakur who raised Pac & his sibling all by hear self, while also dealing with her own past drug addiction. The rare items are up for auction at $75,000. So if you happen to find that in your pocket on laundry day, you know what to buy.


Image via Youtube.com/2PacVEVO


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