Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit Diamond Status

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That dusty old Thrift Shop just turned Diamond

Admit it, ever since Macklemore & Ryan Lewis dropped Thrift Shop 3 years ago, Good Will has been your 2nd home. Well big congrats to the duo as they pulled off what only the greats have done & that’s sell over 10 Million copies of a single, That single being “Thrift Shop”. Since then their fame has skyrocketed and not just because they had one great song, it’s because their broke the music world by touching a subject that a lot of people turned their heads to… Gay rights. Luckily three years later things seem to be heading in the right direction for both the Movement & for the Seattle musicians. It’s crazy that they are only one of 2 artist in history to achieve Digital Diamond status. Eminem snagging that award back in June for “Not Afraid” & “Love the Way You Lie”. Once again Congrats, If you wanna catch the Diamond artist in L.A., get you tickets to Cali Christmas going down December 4th @ The Forum. Chris Brown, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Ty Dolla $ign will all be there. CLICK HERE for more info.



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