Art & Your Refrigerator

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Spilt milk makes great art, Who would thunk it?

Now art can really come from anywhere but it takes that one artist to take a simple thing like spilt milk and turning it to a museum masterpiece. Take Jessie Bearden, she’s can turn your fridge into the Mona Lisa of dairy products. Some interesting pieces including a Rihanna portrait made of melted chocolate ice cream, Lady Gaga in spilt milk, a whipped cream Beyonce, that actually sounds kinda tasty & oh yea even check out Caitlyn Jenner made completely out of Wheaties. At the end of the day I’m just glad I can finally lick beyonce’s face & not be labled “creepy”.



#1 Rihanna

Picture 29


#2 Lady Gaga

Picture 30


#3 Beyonce

Picture 31


#4 Caitlyn Jenner

Picture 32