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So Who Died In Your House?

Ever wonder what the hell was that noise in the middle of the night? Or that eerie feeling you get that someone is watching you, even though your home alone? Ever wonder if your house is Haunted?! (Play Scary music in your head) Ok quick don’t panic, but there is one way to find out if you have Casper lurking around your basement. Died In House is a company that specializes in finding out if anyone kicked the bucket in your place of living. I know your like “Wait?!” “What? Shouldn’t I be told that before I move into the place?” The Fact is no..In some states they are not required to tell you nothing about a history of deaths, Natural or even a Murder!!! Insane right? ¬†Well Died in-house does all the dirty work & searches for any & all possible deaths that might have happen in your ¬†current home sweet home.


Posted By Daniel

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