A$AP Rocky hates is own Songs?

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So which A$AP Rocky Songs does A$AP Rocky Hate ?

It’s kinda odd to find some one who hates their own work but hey it happens, take A$AP Rocky for instance. In a recent sit down with MTV the New York MC revealed that he hated two of his biggest main stream records, “F#cking Problem” & his track with EDM DJ Skrillex “Wild for the Night”. Saying “On the album I wanted to prove to that people I could have mainstream commercial success, so that’s why I made songs like ‘Wild For The Night’ and ‘F—kin’ Problems’, [but now] I hate those f–king songs,”  

Yeah, Crazy right? A$AP Rocky continues on by saying he had fun making those tracks but that was him when he was 23 & now that he is older he wants people to think of him differently saying “when you think about me, as far as my art goes, I want you to remember something a little more honorable. That’s all,”  Take a look at the sit down A$AP Rocky did with MTV at SXSW & opens up about the passing of A$AP Yams.

A$AP Rocky’s sophomore album A.L.L.A drops soon & you can expect to see FKA Twigs,Lykke Li & Clams Casino.

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