Jaws Who?

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Science Just made Jaws just a little less scary

Granted one of the biggest fears of the big blue sea are the big sharp teeth that are in it. Don’t just throw away that fear yet, for many of us we hear shark & run or in this case swim, well now that might just be a thing of the past. Science in all its confusing greatness has just made the water a little safer. A company called  Shark Shield has come up with the perfect product to literally repel those pesky man eaters, not with a big can of mace but an awesome EMP type attachment. The Shark Shield sends an electronic pulse that annoys the sharks highly sensitive electrical receptors called the “Ampullae of Lorenzini” located in their snouts, all predatory sharks have it. These tiny gel filled sacs can only sense electrical current from prey at very close distances, typically less than one meter which is 3 1/2 feet. That’s still hella close, but hey if it stops you from becoming lunch, why not? 

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