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Rocket Skates, Electric Boards & Hoverboard?

If all the Smart Phones & electric cars in the world  haven’t launched us into the age of The Jetson’s these new “Rocket Skates” for sure as hell will. Acton a small business located in L.A. have just brought the retro 70’s to the 21st century  by combining such a simple idea electronics & skates” The awesome looking skates are totally controlled by your Iphone & can reach speeds of 12 mph. The high tech foot gear can fit any type of shoe & can run you up to $500 – $700 plus. If these little gizmos aren’t hi-tech enough for you, check out these other projects found on

How about an electric skateboard, better yet how about the tech to build your very own Marty McFly Hoverboard? Ahhhhh the future… I love it!


Electric Skateboard

Ultrasonic Levitation Machine

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