Nick Minaj Drops 3 New Tracks

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Nicki Minaj Fires back at Remy Ma with No Frauds

Nicki finally claps back at Remy Ma & it only took a week. We all thought Nick would leave well enough alone but it turns out that she was cooking up a response to Remy’s two tracks “Sheather” &  “Another One”. No she didn’t go at it alone, having longtime collaborators Weezy F Baby & Drizzy dropping bars. The song was part of a three track release in which she called “3 Pack from Paris” You can preview all three tracks below & Nick even posted a mini lyric video for “No Frauds”. Funny… Remy said it was “Over” the other day during Facebook live interview with Buzz Feed. Now does this mean the balls in her court? Guess we’ll see.

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