Eaten Alive By Anaconda

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Man Wants to Be Eaten Alive By Snake

Every find your self being board and just start thinking of random stuff, like hey maybe I should like clean up the places a little or hmmm that pile of trash in the corner is getting pretty high, maybe someone should take it out. Or Hey look at the big ass snake! Let’s see if I can get it to eat me!!!!  Yeah that was the bright idea behind Discovery Channel’s new show “Eaten Alive.” The show is pretty much self explanatory, it follows Paul Rosolie, a naturalist/Wild Life Film maker who has made it his mission to be Eaten Alive by one of South Americas biggest slithering serpent, The Anaconda. Yeah not something I really need to add to my bucket list, But hey Paul Rosoline knock yourself out. How will he accomplish the seemingly stupid? By wearing a custom-built anti crushable/ anti digestible suit. You can check out the whole thing December 7th on the Discovery Channel.