Tha Carter Push Back

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Lil Wayne’s P.S.A.

With Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print pushed back till December 15th, Lil Wayne must have felt a little guilty on announcing that his Carter V album will also see a set back, December 9th to be exact. The album has been delayed several times before, with official date after official date falling through. Now I guess Weezy has come to terms that his fans are becoming a little impatient for his very highly anticipated album. So to add a sweetener on that bitter news, Wayne has come out with a P.S.A on the status of his Cater V project. To amp up the crowd Weezy announces that Tha Carted V will be split in two parts the first of which will hopefully drop on time December 9th and the second part TBA.  As we wait yet again Lil Wayne satisfies are hunger for more with this little tidbit of news & a brand new track take a listen.