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Kim K Flaunts her fame on Paper

Now it’s no breaking news that Kim Kardashian AKA Mrs. West  has a massive backside. So big in fact you can sit a cup on that booty, literally.  Just incase you forgot the famed Derrière, Kim has just plastered it all over the cover of Paper Mag causing a love/hate relationship among its readers, due to that fact that she is a mom! That to is not breaking news but some are calling her out on it. I mean it’s cool that’s she’s a mom but should there be at least some modesty? I mean years down the line how do you explain to your kid? “Yea that’s me with my ass all over the cover of a magazine but hey have a nice day at school.”  Just Sayin, plus she’s done worse. So the cover of the mag shouldn’t be that big of a deal, Hey she got her husbands approval with a tweet. Why Not? Check out for the rest of Kim K’s booty flaunts.



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