Jay-z talks Beyonce/Kanye & Donald Trump

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Jay-Z Explains Why He & Beyonce never got a divorce

When it comes to relationships we all know their not easy. Now imagine when that relationship is in the public eye & then come in the comments. Somehow through all criticism Beyonce & Jay-Z have manage to keep their marriage from falling apart. In a recent interview with the New York Times Hov opens up about what saved his marriage & how he & Beyonce making music together acted as a sort of therapy the both needed.

In the same interview he shared his current relationship with Kanye West, How Donald Trump has forced people to have a dialogue  & revealed that Yes he & Beyonce are working on a joint album. It is a very hands down open interview form the Roc Nation boss. Take a look at a quick story ABC did & for the full interview click HERE.


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