French Montana shots fired?

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French Montana thinks who is a Weirdo?

So is French Montana taking subtle shots at a certain rapper? While doing an interview for Paper Magazine, French expressed how he really felt when it came to artist who did “feature-less” projects, saying :

“Those people who put albums out by themselves are weirdos, music is about having fun. If I’m chilling with ASAP Rocky, or chilling with Drake or the Weeknd and we record, and then I have to say, ‘Look here, bro, I’m thinking about dropping this album just by myself.’ Artists would stop fucking with you.”

I don’t know about “Weirdos” but J.Cole did pretty good on his own. I mean two platinum selling albums no features? Come on, got to give it up for the “Weirdos” in the world. Maybe not all of them, Cole you get the pass.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out French Montana’s “Unforgettable” featuring Swea Lee. Give that a look right here.


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