Kickstarters Exploding Kittens

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Did someone say Exploding Kittens?

Ok only speaking as someone who loves to collect random collectible crap, this new card game fully funded on Kickstarter is by far the newest most random collectible crap and might I say highly profitable. Exploding Kittens has official nabbed the tittle of  fastest and most successfully launched campaigns on Kickstarter. Check this, the entire project was fully funded in 20 minutes and 1000% funded in an hour!!! With an original goal of $10,000 the project has now reach over $4.5 Million with 21 days left! Talk about fast money,truly an amazing thing kickstarter is. Now I know a lot of you out there are like “Really? for a freakin card game?! WTF” Yea but get this, think of it as more of an investment in quick little profit for your self. Back in the 80’s there was the craze of Garbage pale kids cards, well now a unopen box of the original set is worth over $2,000. Mid 90’s we had of course Pokemon, the 1st generation set can grab you more $3000 for the right set to the low hundreds for a normal deck. In the early 2000’s Magic the Gathering card game exploded even being inducted in to Gamers Magazine Hall of Fame. Well I would say consider Exploding Kittens to be the new collectible card deck of the decade. One reason… it’s as popular as any of those other trading card games were at the height of their game. Plus the guys over at Exploding Kittens have the power of social media on their side. Take a look at their Kitten-rific idea and if you wanna snag your very own deck of Exploding Kittens CLICK HERE


Posted By Daniel