Chance Speaks on NWA Role

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Chances role at Dre Fail & His Comedy future

Chance the Rapper is just full of surprises, from being lead singer of a Band to being a stand up comic. The Chi- town rapper shows no limits when it comes to his carer options even opening up about his audition to play one of Hip Hop’s pioneers Dr. Dre.  In a recent sit down with Interview Magazine’s  Hannibal Burres, Chance reveals that he actually audition for the N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Comtpton” to play Dr.Dre, saying “I read for Dre, but it wasn’t in God’s plan.” 

Now I know it’s kind of stretch to see Chance take on Dre but hey, brownie points for him trying and a major direction change from rapper to stand up comic. Saying that he has randomly pop up at Improv shows, Chance had also been quoted to be working with Frank Ocean, Migos, Rick Rubin, and J. Cole. Now no word on if the colabs are for his upcoming project “Surf ” with his band  “The first Social Experiment” or if will be off a future album with just him. Guess we gotta wait & see. In the mean time if you wanna read up on what the Chicago native has been up to, check out his interview with Interview Magazine here


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