Chance Honest about Music & Being a Young Father

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Chance Might Just Move back In with Mom & Dad

Chance the Rapper is everything but unsuccessful but even a guy like Chance with all his wins recognizes when he needs a little help. In a recent interview with Complex he opens up about being a father at 23 & never expecting be a parent so young.

Saying “Like, I’m honestly, in real life, thinking about moving in with my parents right now. I think, anybody, if they were in my position—if they were 23 with a kid for the first time and were working—they would find comfort in being able to stay with their parents.”

No shame in honesty, it gets tough & those who are fortunate enough to have that support system really need to jump on the opportunity. Besides taking about the move he also expresses his frustration with the way streaming is rated, making it difficult for artist like him to chart. Check out the interview below.


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