Man Wins get outta Jail Free Card

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Can you say Lucky ????

Talk about being lucky, a man in Germany hit the Jackpot not only once but twice in one turn at the slots. After spending time in a german casino, Local police did their random checks & come to find out the slot player had a warrant out for his arrest. Not good, he faced a fine of¬†710-euro which equals roughly $910 or 71 days behind bars. I’ve never been to a german jail but I’m pretty sure it’s not all bratwurst¬†& chocolates…. well at least none that you wanna eat. At that very moment the 31-year-old heard the sound of freedom as the slot machine he was playing rang with sounds of $1,300 payout. Can you say saved by the bell? Hey leaving the casino up $300 plus & not going to jail is a win win in my book.


Posted Daniel

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