DJ Khaled on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Baby Khaled only 4 months & doing what?

We all know DJ Khaled is one of the best to doit. Hit after hit there’s no getting away from this genius. Now father like son, DJ Khaled’s 4 month old baby Ashad is getting in to the family business. Khaled sat with Jimmy Kimmel last week to explain how his son is the executive producer behind the track “Shinning” & his next upcoming album “Grateful”. He goes on to say ever puke & poop is a “Blessing” and that he knows the song is a hit when little Ashad keeps his head nodding.

Khaled also gave some insight on who would be on the album, dropping names like Big Sean & Drake. Of course Beyonce & Jay- Z as well. When it comes to Khaled, everyone & anyone is up to deck. Check out his sit down with Kimmel.


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