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Born and raised in Orange County, Yesi Ortiz grew up with an overwhelming passion for music. Her favorite radio station has been Power 106 since before she could even remember. One day as she was listening to Power 106 she heard an ad for a broadcasting school in Orange County and that was all it took for her to set her mind to going to broadcasting school. Through this, she found a way to fulfill her dream of being a part of the legendary Power 106 brand.


After only 6 months of finishing her studies in broadcasting her charisma and determination led her to her first on-air radio gig at Hot 97.5 in Las Vegas. At the time Yesi was still living in Long Beach and would commute to Las Vegas every weekend just for the position. After falling in love with her on air gig even more she decided to move to Las Vegas and pursue her career full time.


Although Yesi enjoyed being at Hot 97.5, her ultimate goal was to find a job in California, in hopes of being able to eventually audition for Power 106. Two years later she found herself in Tijuana, Mexico where she landed an on-air hosting position at a bilingual station, known as Blazin 98.9. Being that Yesi is of Latin descent, her time at Blazin 98.9 was special because she was able to combine her passion for music as well as incorporate her cultural values. Unfortunately the station was not doing well, leaving Yesi with a difficult decision to either stay at the station and see if the momentum could pick back up or look for another job.


Luckily, she found a radio station across the border even closer to California in San Diego. Channel 933 had been looking to fill a morning show position and sure enough she became the new co-host of AJ’s Playhouse.


At this point Yesi had been in radio for four years and while she was confident in her craft, she was still considered relatively new to the radio world. While Power 106 did not have an actual position available for her to apply to, Yesi reached out to Power 106’s Program Director, Jimmy Steal showing interest in the station. Jimmy offered her an interview assuring her nothing was available but wanting her to come in just in case anything did become available. Her excitement was indescribable when she received a phone call from him offering her the mid-day on-air host position.

Often referred to as “The Queen of the L.A.” as well as “The First Lady of Power,” she’s known for her mid-day show from 10am to 3pm. During those hours you’ll hear the “Noon Mix” co-hosted by DiskoDrew. You’ll also hear the “New @ 2” which consists of 2 new tracks every day at 2pm.

Through her radio experience, she has created many personal relationships with numerous artists who will come to her for a trusted opinion on music, business and even life. A very important and sometimes overlooked quality to have as a successful radio host.

But Yesi’s continued success doesn’t just come from radio. The name “Yesi Ortiz” has become a brand in itself. She has launched Isey Productions, where she does voiceovers for other marketing clients. In 2009 she co-created and executively produced a documentary series titled “Single with 7” following her journey as a single career woman becoming an adoptive mother of 7 kids which can be found on her youtube page “Yesi Ortiz106.”

In 2014 Yesi filmed a web-series with Jennifer Lopez’s network, NUVO TV. Also in 2014 you may have seen her on Season 1 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. She will be a guest on the third Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, airing in November. Starting in 2015 Yesi became continued top talker guest on “The Talk.” Her latest project is a scripted television series that she is currently developing. All while continuing to support her Latin community as well as woman and health issues, especially feeling passionate about foster youth organizations. Having worked hard for everything she has accomplished, she has become a great role model by being an unapologetic women in power with a successful career that she has achieved with nothing but hard work and commitment. Stay up to date with all of Yesi’s endeavors on YesiOrtiz.com.

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LA Opinion – Mujeres Destecadas/Distinguished Woman Award

Latina Business Award Nomination

I Can Organization – Recognition Award [Safe Sleep for Babies Campaign]

AVIVA Center – Recognition Award [Fundraising & Volunteer Work]

E’s Style Network – “Single with 7” Documentary Series

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